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wrapping paper making felt

Applied for press by pick-up suction roll,suction preloading roll and two press by large blind hole nip rolls. And for press by suction lead paper preloading roll and two press by large nip roll

Paper machine: 3600、3800、4000、4400, PM equipped with suction preloading roll and large blind hole nip roll
Speed: 400-500m/min
Stock:waste paper pulp, full recovery pulp
linear pressure: 180-420KN/M
Paper Grade: corrugated paper with density 70~120gsm, KAPPA with density 140 to 180gsm, testliner
1. working life of 50~70 days
2. 100% imported fiber
3. good adaptability for PM
4. preventing pulp penetration and paper dropping
5. good press-resistance

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