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special paper making felt

Applied for press in fourdrinier machine with yankee dryer, general press, suction counter press

Paper machine:1575、1760、1880、2400、2640
Speed: less than 200m/min
Stock: commercialpulp
Paper Grade: aluminum foil backing paper, high breathability forming paper,bond paper,decorating base paper,glazed paper,sublistatic print paper
1.general working life of 30~60 days
2. good adaptability for PM and fast speed regulation
3. good dehydration and dewatering well
4. no fluff and pulp cling
5. wear resistance
6. good resilience

Process high quality properties such as high-press resistance, good flexibility,good permeability, good size stability. Applying to many kinds of press like groove press, vacuum suction press, multi-press,large nip-roll press.

Applied for special paper machine

Paper machine: all kinds of special paper machine with speed more than 200m/min
Stock: wood pulp
Paper Grade: all kinds of special paper
1.general working life of 30~90 days
2. base screen: Circular weaved and high stability
3. meeting needs of high surface performance
4. finishing: washing, preliminary compression, singeing

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