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asbestos tile making felt

Good properties such as low compressibility, easy to wash, long service life etc. Used in building material making.

The felt is used for fiber cement corrguated roofing sheets, asbestos or non asbestos corrguated cement sheet, fibre cement board and calcium silicate board production. It is comprised of base and fiber layers. Generally the base owns 30%-50% in weight of the finished product. The longitude is of stranded chinlon lines and the latitude is of single chinlon line. The fiber layers are of chipped chilon fiber in screen, which are repeatedly needled by the cutting needles of needling machine to make the fiber layers and the foundation firmly combined to protect the foundation and strengthen drainability. 
The felt has following advantages: 
1. Better dehydration property:  due to loose  foundation of felt,  the screen penetrates into  the foundation vertically,  favorable to the vertical dehydration.  
2. Long service life: due to chinlon fiber's strength and wear resistance higher than other fiber, the felt has higher wear resistance and longer service life, shortening stop and replacement of felt and reducing production cost.
3. Low compressibility: the foundation is comprised of coarse single chinlon and needled with different sizes and layers of fiber fuzz, so the structure is firm against compaction, able to bear higher pressure and difficult to compact and damage.    
4. Higher stability of dimensions: because the foundation applies high-strength and low elongation chinlon lines, it has better stiffness and flatness, keeping stable and reducing vertical elongation and transverse shrinkage during running.
5. High strength: for the felt is made of chinlon fiber completely, the longitudinal and latitudinal lines are thick with higher tension and strength.  
6. Better flatness: because the felt surface has deeper and finer fiber layers, and after heat setting treatment, the surface is fine and wearproof without fuzz falling, which can avoid any print left on the product.   
    It is applicable for the production of large, medium and small wave asbestos or non asbestos corrguated cement sheet, fiber cement corrguated roofing sheets, fibre cement board, calcium silicate board by hatschek process or pulp fluid method.

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